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Dmitry Zapol

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About Dmitry

Dmitry joined IFS in September 2010 after earning his LL.M (Tax) degree at King’s College, London. Five years prior to this, Dmitry earned his LL.B at Durham University and completed an LPC at the College of Law. Dmitry came to the UK from Moscow, where for five years he worked as an associate lawyer at Moscow City Bar Association "Barshchevsky & Partners". Dmitry specialised in advising foreign investors exploring opportunities in Russia on corporate tax implications together with Russian and cross-border tax planning. In summer 2012 Dmitry completed the Advanced Diploma in International Tax (ADIT) -- a specialist advanced qualification in international and cross border taxation awarded by the Chartered Institute of Taxation.


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Dmitry's Articles

Tax planning considerations for Tier 1 HNW migrants in the UK

The UK encourages foreign direct investments by granting high net worth individual investors and entrepreneurs the right to remain temporarily in its territory, with the associated tax benefits of the resident “non-dom” regime. Similar rights are extended to members of their[...]
Date: 12 Mar 2019
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

New Offshore Economic Substance Laws

Amidst the Brexit hullabaloo and Mr Trump’s usual inciting tweets, one would be excused not to pay much heed to the announcement of the new offshore economic substance requirements at the end of 2018. Yet the legislation passed in the Crown Dependencies — Jersey, Guernsey and[...]
Date: 08 Jan 2019

Taxation of Gifts Under UK Law

Taxation of gifts under UK law is complicated and rather counterintuitive. It throws many surprises at the parties participating in a gift arrangement, particularly, since it’s the person making a gift as opposed to the one receiving it, who may be liable for tax. This article[...]
Date: 29 Oct 2018
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

UK Tax Primer for Entrepreneurial Clients

Advising a client is a two-way process. The client knows how to get to their end destination and our duty is to help them do this with the least tax leakage and in the most commercially sound way. Although every client is unique, inevitably after years of providing advice,[...]
Date: 08 Jun 2017
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Residence Planning for Entrepreneurial Clients

Roy Saunders, IFS Consultants, opened the floor by introducing the audience to a case study that involved a wealthy family with business and investment activity worldwide and possibilities to choose any country as their home. He explained that the panel would describe advantages[...]
Date: 07 Mar 2017

Developments in UK Real Estate Taxation in Recent Years

For decades, the UK has welcomed overseas investors with interests in residential and commercial properties with its benign tax regime. Admittedly there had been a few mildly irritating snags: an increasingly high stamp duty land tax (SDLT), unavoidable taxation of rental[...]
Date: 26 Sep 2016
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

The Business of an International Family Office

A family office is often found in the list of affluent lifestyle’s attributes together with a yacht, a jet and a Swiss boarding school tie. Yet on closer inspection, out of these and similar objets du désir a family office serves a much greater practical purpose — that of[...]
Date: 15 Jun 2016
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Key considerations when structuring home ownership in the UK

Along with immigration procedures if required, buying a home is often the next step for those looking to relocate to the UK. There are many legal and regulatory issues that the expectant property owner should consider, but because the value of the new investment is likely to be[...]
Date: 09 Sep 2015
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Developing Strategies for International Business - Workshop Summary Note

On 4th June in London, the IBSA held a workshop on Developing Strategies for International Business. Sessions from leading industry experts included treaty access limitations, the global economic outlook, transfer pricing and business investment reliefs. This article provides an[...]
Date: 23 Jun 2015

Creation of Clean Capital

Dmitry Zapol explains the concept of clean capital and its application to resident non-domiciliaries and the remittance basis.[...]
Date: 28 Apr 2015
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

“Open all hours” – the UK approach to resident non-domiciliaries

Dmitry Zapol examines the resident but non-domiciled benefits of UK tax legislation which, despite what has been minor tinkering for wealthy beneficiaries of the system, has been around for decades and shows no sign of major new initiatives. The article also covers the[...]
Date: 19 Feb 2015
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Country Overview - Russia

Date: 27 Sep 2013
Jurisdiction: Russia

Debt v. Equity Financing

Date: 15 Aug 2013
Jurisdiction: General principles

The Swiss/UK Tax Cooperation Agreement

Dmitry Zapol explains the new Swiss/UK Tax Cooperation Agreement that came into force on 1st January, 2013.[...]
Date: 04 Jul 2013

Holding Company Structures for Investment into Russia in Light of Recent Developments

Dmitry Zapol examines Russian holding structures in response to recent economic events in Cyprus.[...]
Date: 04 Jul 2013
Jurisdiction: CyprusRussia